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Artisan Contractor

Insurance for artisan contractors is designed to provide protection for these types of professionals amid their time spent on the job. Without insurance, artisan contractors are susceptible to massive financial losses in the event that an accident happens while at work.

What Is It?

Simply put, artisan contractors are people who provide a specific type of hands-on skill through the use of tools and materials. Artisan contractors might be carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, or landscapers. Insurance for these types of contractors serves the purpose of preventing monetary losses caused by misfortunes at a job site.

Who Is It For?

This insurance specifically caters to artisan contractors who are at risk of potentially experiencing accidental mistakes while performing their job duties. If an artisan contractor is not covered by this specific type of insurance, he/she stands to forfeit their business and reputation as a result of even a simple, yet costly mistake.

How Does It Work?

When a contractor obtains insurance, the policy will likely be designed to cover certain aspects such as:
Personal injury
Damages to property
Online liability and/or breaches in security or data
Practices in employment

Different Types

One of the most common types of insurance that artisan contractors pursue is the BOP (or business owner policy). This policy covers the property and real estate of your business, but your equipment and other tools might not fall under the umbrella of protection. In this case, your equipment and tools (or “floaters”) can be covered under “floater insurance.” Additionally, liability insurance and vehicle insurance might be needed to address other vulnerable aspects of your business.

Major Benefits

There is a long list of benefits you can enjoy knowing your business is insured. The biggest advantages are the peace of mind from knowing your property and equipment are protected, the confidence in knowing worker’s compensation is available to you, and the assurance that you have a firm grip on your risk management. If you operate as an artisan contractor, you need insurance to protect your business and your livelihood.