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Meet Our Team


John Williams

My experience in growing and leading small businesses goes back to my college days. For me, making a difference, helping others, and building an award winning, family first organization for all to be proud of has been my motivation. I believe understanding the needs of the customer is paramount to success!

Growing up in Metro Detroit, playing sports and cheering for the Tigers and Lions, I was fortunate to have lots of opportunities early in life. I traveled and camped in Canada and Mexico with the Boy Scouts and went on two bicycle road trips in High School; one from Oregon to San Francisco followed by a Canadian Rocky Mountain trip the next year. My love, my wife Kathleen and I enjoy traveling and been able to explore a lot of the beauty in the US for work and fun. Seeing my boys grow into good men never gets old as I am so proud of them.  I can usually be found doing or watching something athletic on the weekends be it going to a son’s games, playing basketball, biking, or hitting the gym.  By the time I was 30, I had been in all 50 states. Now we are adding all ballparks, and golf courses to the list and over halfway complete with both lists.

I participated in the Make A Wish 300 Mile Bicycle Rides upon on my 40th & 41st birthdays and the Make A Wish 50 Miler somewhere before turning 50. We now actively participate in Life Remodeled, a non-profit trying to make Detroit a better place.

Alfred DeRusha

I have been an agent for 12 years with Farmers Insurance. Meeting and helping clients with their insurance needs is what motivates me every day.

I grew up in the Rochester Hills area and later moved to Romeo. I mostly enjoy socializing, traveling, and telling motorcycle stories, but when I’m not working you can find me in my home in Addison Township or Up North. A lot of people don’t know that besides being in the insurance business for 12 years, I have been in the newspaper business for 35 years.

I relate to nonprofits and volunteer opportunities that involve religious activities.